Calder Dairy, Lincoln Park, MI

Cambridge Cheese Company Onsted, MI
Four Corners Creamery in Tecumseh, MI
Fluffy Bottom Farm in Chelsea, MI
Moo-Ville in Nashville, MI
Sunny Meadows in Homer, MI



Note:   Argus is working with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) to expand egg sales in the store.  MDARD requires that we sell only eggs that are licensed for sale in grocery stores, not in the farmer's market environment that we have created with our model.   We are working to find a way to help small farmers sell the same eggs that they sell at farmer's markets at Argus.

  •  Argus has become a reliable, every day source for local eggs (chicken, duck and even quail and goose) from local farms.  In 2015 alone local farms sold over $45,000 of local eggs at Argus, a tremendous boost to the local food economy.   
  • MDARD has determined that only farms which are inspected and licensed can sell their egg sales at Argus.
  • This is a licensing/ regulation issue, not a food safety issue.  The eggs sold at Argus are the very same eggs that are currently perfectly fine to be sold by farmers in other outlets.
  • We are concerned about the financial burden this will place on farms.  One producer estimated that it would cost over $20,000 to meet this requirement.  This is simply impossible for most of our smaller farms.
  • Argus remains focused on improving the economic sustainability of farming, where farmers cannot both farm and be absent from the farm to sell their products.

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