Open M-F 7-7, S-S 8-6!  325 West Liberty Ann Arbor 48104

Open M-F 7-7, S-S 8-6!  325 West Liberty Ann Arbor 48104


Over 100 farms and producers sell their products at Argus. 

Our farms OWN their products, they PRICE their products, and they receive 80% of the sale price. 

Local farms deliver to us YEAR-ROUND, and our customers have learned what can be grown in Michigan during the coldest seasons, including the healthiest of microgreens and dark leafy greens.  Michigan is the 2nd most diverse state agriculturally - we can grow so many things!  The cold weather will bring the sweetest carrots and root vegetables and crisp greens. The spring will bring us a wide array of new items.  We thank our farms for helping making local food available, and to our customers for your support!  We have been open since August of 2014 and we continue to be surprised and amazed at our local farms!

Proud Member of the Michigan Farmers Market Association
Come behind the scenes with the Argus Farm Stop Blog!

Come behind the scenes with the Argus Farm Stop Blog!

Our mission at the Argus Farm Stop is to show that with a new business model, we can grow our local food ecosystem.

We are a direct-to-consumer market for local producers (vegetables/fruit, meats, baked goods and dairy as well as food artisans).  We are a member of the Michigan Farmer's Market Association.

  • We make it easy to buy local, with convenient daily access to a wide variety of local-only food.
  • We make it easy for our farmers to get to their customers!  We are open every day.
  • We operate year-round, encouraging our farmers and producers to find ways to extend the growing season.
  • Argus provides local producers with a new and different way to sell their products, allowing them to sustain and expand their businesses.
    • Products are OWNED AND PRICED by the producer (no brokers or intermediaries allowed) so customers know where their food comes from.
    • 80% of the selling price goes back to the producer where it belongs.
    • We enable customers to buy from multiple farmers and producers in a single easy transaction.
  • You'll find your favorite farmer's goods clearly identified. You'll find new products you're not familiar with.  Products will change with the seasons.
  • The Argus Farm Stop is an L3C organization working to improve small farm viability and increase community access to local food. "L3C” stands for low-profit, limited liability company. 
  • Argus Farm Stop is a gathering place for people who care about local food.

Argus Farm Stop
325 W Liberty St
Ann Arbor, MI  48103

(734) 213-2200

We're located on the corner of West Liberty and Second Street in the awesome Old West Side neighborhood.

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Our friendly baristas will serve up locally-roasted Roos Roast coffee while you shop!

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