Welcome to Our Blog!

If you've ever been to Argus Farm Stop, you've probably met owners Kathy and Bill, along with the rest of the team. But do you know our dozens of producers? If you're lucky, maybe you've met one of our farmers drinking coffee in the cafe, or you've seen them dropping off some produce in the grocery section. But although you've experienced their incredible range of products (not just produce, eggs, meat, and dairy, but packaged food and gift items, too), you might not know the people behind the scenes.

That's where this blog comes in. We want you to “meet” the many great people who sell at Argus! Producers are the cornerstone of the Argus Farm Stop mission, because unlike at commercial grocery stores, products at Argus come from individuals, each with a unique story. Some live right here in Ann Arbor; all live within a day's drive, and we consider each one a neighbor a worth talking to.

This blog also gives us a chance to tell you about our seasonal produce as it comes in the door, and keep you updated on new products. There's a lot to be excited about around here. So welcome to the Farm Stop! Come on in!