Fresh This Week: It's Strawberry Season!

If you've been missing fruit at Argus, you'll be happy to hear that we now have strawberries! Our producers are just starting to bring in trays of locally-grown berries, so hurry in and get them while they're fresh! You can expect these strawberries to be more densely sweet and flavorful than anything you've tasted that was grown industrially or far far away. Our customers have been raving about the flavors!

Strawberries are definitely a healthy choice, too. You probably don't need to be convinced to eat this delicious fruit, but did you know that strawberries have one of the highest levels of antioxidants, plus anti-inflammatory properties, high vitamin C, and more? Plus, studies have found that the natural sugars in these berries actually helps to regulate blood sugar.

There are good reasons to choose strawberries from Argus, too. We have several organic producers, and the rest use complex and soil-healthy growing practices like crop rotation, in order to apply chemicals only as needed. (Because strawberries are such a fragile,  fungus-prone crop, it is difficult to grow them entirely without spray. Even some conventional "organic" strawberries are exposed to some chemicals). One Argus farmer took the time to explain that they spray as little as possible, never close to harvest days, and that these sprays are a much different formula from those used on industrial farms, where strong chemicals regularly deplete the soil and put workers' lives at risk. 

What does all this mean? Buy strawberries at Argus! Our producers' strawberries are grown with your health, soil health, and farmer health in mind. Plus, these strawberries are guaranteed to be delicious. Like all our produce, strawberries are a seasonal joy, so hurry in and choose a carton or two. And remember to pick up some whipping cream, while you're here...

-- Post by Rose Miller