Argus Food Hub

Thanks for your interest in supporting local food!

With the Argus Food Hub we want to make it easy for you- chefs, caterers, day care centers, and other groups to purchase local food from many farms and producers, with easy payment and pickup. The Hub offers super-fresh seasonal produce as well as dairy, eggs, frozen meat, grains, and interesting grocery items.

All our products are Michigan-grown or produced and the identity of the farmer is maintained throughout. From order to pickup- you know what you are buying and exactly where it comes from. Your purchase directly supports local producers, who receive all the profits from sales at Argus.

The online product list is updated each week on Monday morning. Orders placed by 6 pm Monday will be ready for pickup on Thursday. Orders placed by 6 pm on Thursday will be ready for pickup on the following Monday.

Click below for more information and to see this week’s offerings: